Pallet kilns

We manufacture complete and modular pallet kilns with capacities up to 880 pallets. In addition, we also offer packages for installing HT systems into an insulated container based unit. Our pallet kilns are able to dry pallets for mold and mildew prevention. They can also be upgraded with hot water or steam heating coils and heat recovery.

High capacity standard600 pallets High capacity wide800 GMAs Economy600 GMAs Junior long600 GMAs Junior mid420 GMAs Junior short300 GMAs
Junior side load280 GMAs High capacity side load660 GMAs High efficiency side load700 GMAs
Piggy-back solution

Firewood kilns

Our line of firewood kilns can be heated with both gas or wood waste. Using industrial engineering and energy saving features helped us reduce its operating costs. Latest Quick kiln allows for incremental growth. It has equal and even lower operation cost than large scale operations at a much lower investment.

MiniQuick6 cord SmallQuick12 cord Export MiniQuick28 m3
Junior side load10 cord Junior end load6 cord High capacity end load24 cord
Firewood baskets

Lumber kilns

Kiln-direct produces small to mid-size lumber kilns ranging from 9000bf to 40000bf. Heat recovery on vents, gas heating and computerized controls are standard. Hot water or steam heating available. Controls can be upgraded to dual control system with integrated MC meter and internal wood temperature sensors.

Small standard9 mbf Small deep13 mbf Small wide14 mbf Small deep-wide21 mbf
Modular standard24 mbf Modular deep30mbf Modular high36 mbf Modular deep-high40 mbf
Standard end load16000 bf Raised end load30000 bf

Kiln control systems

Specially designed kiln management solutions including computer-based software, touch screen equipment controls and PLC based controller. The above ensures efficient communications, support of latest operating system, stable operations, loggin files for later troubleshooting, advanced error messages and better operational overview.

Computer softwarepc Touch screenlcd PLC softwareplc

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Firewood links

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Lumber links

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Software links

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1000 and over kilns sold
40 plus countries served
30 years of serving the wood industry

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News and events

Jan 14-16 - 2023 / Rancho Mirage, CA

Wester Pallet Association Annual Meeting

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Kiln Direct is participating in the 2023 Annual Conference of Wetern Pallet association.
It takes place from January 14 to 16, 2023 at Rancho Mirage, California.

Mar 1-3 - 2023 / Fort Worth, TX

NWPCA Annual Leadership Conference

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The 2023 Annual Leadership Conference (ALC) takes place
March 1-3, 2023 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kiln control systems

Kiln-direct / Wooddryer Kiln Control System has a long history of bringing the best technology and features to kiln controllers, which are completely computerized and have network access. We are dedicated to providing the industry with robust and durable controllers and have been installing these for more than 15 years.

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