Modular standard

All kilns

The smallest version of the modular delivered lumber kilns is placed on a 6ft high concrete wall. The kiln is 27ft wide inside allowing 4 rows of 4ft lumber bundles and 14ft high clearance. The reversible fan, heat, and venting system are customized for your specific needs.

Standard components

› six main fans (30in/3HP each)
› direct gas heating (1450000 btu/hr)
› dual power exhaust venting (2HP)
› heat recovery on venting (saves gas)
› full featured computerized controls
› wireless communication of office for record keeping › all aluminum construction
› inside aluminum sheeting

Available upgrades

› stainless steel sheeting inside
› bi-fold main door system
› 1850000 btu/hr total output
› up to 6x5HP main fans
› integrated wood moisture meter
› dual controller system for both drying and heat treating lumber
› high pressure misting system
› hot water heating coils
› steam heating coils


› outside width: 28ft
› outside depth: 26ft
› outside height: 18ft 6in

› loading width: 27ft
› loading depth: 17ft
› loading height: 14ft

› loading capacity: 24000 bf of 4/4 lumber

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