Junior side load

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The smallest version of the Side Loaded Pallet Kiln comes standard with heat recovery on the venting. It is used for treating small volumes of large skids and crates as well as for heat treating lumber and dunnage. It can also be upgrade with hot water or steam heating coils.

Standard components

› five main fans (2HP each)
› direct gas heating (850000 btu/hr)
› inside aluminum sheeting
› double power exhaust venting (2HP)
› heat recovery on venting (saves gas)
› computerized controls
› redundant wood temp system
› wireless communication of office for record keeping

Available upgrades

› stainless steel sheeting inside
› bi-fold main kiln door
› dual heat system controls
› hot water heating coils
› steam heating coils


› outside width: 28ft
› outside depth: 12ft
› outside height: 12ft 6in

› loading width: 26ft
› loading depth: 8ft
› loading height: 9ft 2in

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