Sawmill & Woodlot Magazine, July 2011

DRYING FIREWOOD - Why, How, and where is the Money? (PDF 0.6 MB)

Article is about the developing firewood industry of bundling and kiln dried firewood. This was commissioned by Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine of Niels Jorgensen, President of Kiln-direct.

Timberline, January 2016
Tetreault & Son, Brimfield, MA

Kiln-direct installs New Commercial Wood Waste Firewood Kiln

According to both Roger Tetreault, president, and Brian Tetreault, vice president, of Tetreault & Son Forest Management, “the need to make money every day,” is the straight-up philosophy that guides them in their profession. Across the years, they have adjusted and readjusted their operation to keep pace with shifting market forces.

Timberline, January 2012
Iowa Firewood, Preston, IA

Wood-waste heats Kiln-direct Firewood Kiln at Iowa Firewood (PDF 6.2 MB)

Derek Heiar started with two MiniQuick gas heated firewood kilns 4 years ago when they first became available. This article is about the transition to two wood waste heated MiniQuick firewood kiln.

Timberline, December 2010
Treehugger Farms, Westmoreland, NH

Kiln-direct adds direct value to Treehugger Farms' Business (PDF 0.6 MB)

Jon and Brad Clark (father & son) first started with a hot water container firewood kiln, but then invested in their first MiniQuick firewood kiln. They talk about their experience of running a wood waste heated firewood kiln that can drying firewood in 2 days or less. They have since added 4 more kilns for a total of 5 MiniQuick to dry up to 4000 cords annually.

Timberline, July 2012
Frick & Frack Firewood, Bristol, ME

Frick & Frack Firewood Relies on MiniQuick Firewood Kiln (PDF 0.8 MB)

Paul Blomquist purchased the first wood waste heated MiniQuick firewood kiln produced and has later updated it with more loading capacity and a long conveyor for overnight operation. So his kilns basically is similar to our new 6 cord firewood kilns.

Timberline, March 2009
Growing Seasons, Bridgeville, PA

Firewood Business Heats Up with Kiln (PDF 0.8 MB)

Jim and Justin O'connor (father & son) has seen the opportunity of expanding their firewood business with heat treating and drying. They tried to utilize old shipping containers, but could not get them to work well and meet the new USDA HT regulation. They purchased a 6-cord firewood (end-load) with heat recovery on the venting for reduced gas consumption.

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