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Our most popular firewood kiln-using the latest technology to reduce drying time and meeting 160F sterilizing temperatures. It can be heated with gas or wood waste and can dry firewood at 260F chamber temperatures. This is the most efficient model.

Standard components

› four main fans (2HP each)
› wood waste heating (600000 btu/hr)
› inside aluminum sheeting
› one power exhaust venting (2HP)
› heat recovery on venting and chimney (save gas when drying)
› full featured computerized controls
› wireless communication of office for record keeping

Available upgrades

› stainless steel sheeting inside
› long wood waste loading conveyor for overnight operation
› direct gas heating instead of wood waste heat.
› high pressure misting system for raising humidity
› hot water heating coils
› steam heating coils


› outside length: 29ft + 20ft
› outside width: 8ft 5in
› outside height: 12ft 6in

› loading length: 22ft
› loading width: 7ft
› loading height: 10ft

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