Pallet Enterprise, May 2003
Industrial Pallet in Clarks Hill, IN

Company Moves to Sterilization Kilns for Treating Pallets for Export (PDF 1.4 MB)

Industrial Pallet was one of our customers for three of our popular end-loaded pallet kiln. Although the design has been improved several times since these early models they are still in operation and each kiln has heat treated more than 3000 loads, which is well over 15-20 years usage in most companies. A testimony to the longevity of our standard kiln design.

Timberline, October 2003
Pallet One, Mocksville, NC

PalletOne Plant Gears Up for Heat-Treating (PDF 1.2 MB)

PalletOne has purchased 10 kilns of our high efficiency model for various locations and we appreciate their confidence in our pallet kiln design and are looking forward to continue serving them.

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