Niels Jorgensen Company has grown to become an industry leader in the drying & heat treatment of lumber, pallets & firewood. Drawing upon long experience from the family based Wooddryer System, Niels Jorgensen departed Denmark & incorporated in North Carolina. During 1996-1998, the concept of Kiln-direct developed with a focus upon creating an information, consulting & equipment hub for the lumber industry. In 2002, Kiln-direct & Wooddryer Systems, though previously independent from one another, merged to combine all products & services under one roof. Having done so, Kiln-direct is able to offer state of the art technology, unrivaled customer support & unbeatable value to our customers worldwide.

Kiln-direct has been actively involved in serving the drying needs of the lumber industry for over 40 years. Providing control systems and chamber components such as heating, venting and airflow units across the globe. Constantly improving and upgrading older kiln models and delivering fully assembled and turn key chambers became a core discipline for Kiln-direct.

In 2001, ISPM-15 Heat Treatment became an important component of the Pallet Industry. In spring of the same year, Kiln-direct installed its first Pallet Kiln. By 2002, we began to expand our line of pallet kilns with the End Load models. This design has clearly become the industry standard as of today.

In 2008, Kiln-direct saw the emerging need for kilns capable of both heat treating & drying firewood. Though we began exploring firewood kilns with a modular lumber kiln design, the design process led us to completely redesign the kiln to achieve optimal air flow for drying & heat transfer unique to firewood. Moreover, the substantial energy required to dry firewood correctly led Kiln-direct to develop & incorporate an optional wood waste heat system allowing operators to fuel their kilns without costly Propane or Natural Gas.

Additionally, Kiln-direct’s native expertise with regard to Heat treatment kilns provides our firewood kiln with all necessary software & hardware to allow operators to maintain detailed reports to verify all legal requirements with ease. Our Quick Series of Firewood kilns offers two models- the 6 Cord MiniQuick (Gas Fired or Wood Waste Fired) and the 12 Cord SmallQuick (Gas Fired).

Kiln-direct continues to offer innovative, cost effective solutions, currently manufacturing numerous kiln models with multiple heat and airflow variations. With over 1500 units delivered, Kiln-direct stands as the clear leader in assisting the industry with meeting its ongoing heat treatment needs.
With kilns located in North and South Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, Kiln-direct’s cost-effective solutions offer solid value to both novice and experienced kiln operations alike. Kiln-direct’s expertise with regards to kiln software allows operators to run, maintain and adjust kiln operations, making units easy to deal with.

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