Proper loading of lumber kiln

Loading a lumber kiln must be done with care and precision. This actually starts during the sticking of the lumber bundles where the stacking stick must be placed precisely in a vertical line. As you can seen on the picture below:


As you are loading the kiln it is important to insure that the blocks between the bundles are placed in alignment with sticks. This helps transfer the weight of the lumber through the sticks and the blocks and prevent warping. This can be seen on the picture below.


As you are loading the kiln you should alternate the aligning to either side. On the picture below the first row is aligned to the left and the next (second) row is aligned to the right. In this case the third row should be aligned to the left and so on.


A few helpful hints: it is practical to make markings on the wall to help align each row precisely. The distance between each row should be approximately 110-20cm or 4"-8" for best airflow in and out of each row.

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