Sustainable support explained

"It is our commitment to create a sustainable support system for all our customers."

Sustainable support is support that is there when you need it. Not only will we be there, but we will be there with highest level of quality behind our support. It makes a huge difference to you if the kiln is operational in 2 hours or after 2 days. Our aim is to ensure that the scenario never arises in which there is no support available for Kiln-Direct machines due to financial infeasibility. We have witnessed this occurrence in the pallet industry. We must think ahead and create a sustainable support structure that is mutually beneficial to the operator and the manufacturer.
With the first pallet kiln still running; each passing year adds to the number of existing and operational Pallet Kilns - there is an ever growing number of kilns that need service. This is a wonderful testament to longevity and the reliability of the Kiln-Direct Pallet Kiln. Do to this fact we have tried over the past three years to make the service of pallet kilns self-sustaining. New kiln sales cannot subsidize the service of existing kilns.
How do we keep your kiln operational at a minimum cost to you? Generally, the most economical way to help you maintain and troubleshoot your kiln is through remote phone support. It is more tenable to pay less for high-quality, thorough phone support and get your kiln operational in 1-2 days (when parts need to be shipped overnight) than having to pay for an expensive on-site service visit and get the kiln operational in 2-4 days (avg. cost of an emergency onsite service visit $2,500.00).
Naturally a certain amount of service and support was built into the price of your kiln. However, at some point that well ran dry. Providing service and support to kiln operators must be a mutually beneficial exchange for it to be sustainable for the life span of the kiln (Pallet kiln serial number one is still in operation and running strong). We have two goals to accomplish in this – serve your support needs and ensure we are able to continue to do so for you well into the future.
One-size-fits-all is how Kiln-Direct has provided service for the last 15 years. Beginning in 2016 we will not only continue to offer the same free basic support; we have also improved our online manuals and added technical support videos. On top of this, we will be launching two elevated levels of technical support for a low cost. We believe this will provide you with an even higher level of support than what we were able to offer you in the past. Please do not hesitate to contact a Kiln-Direct service technician for further details and information.
We want to avoid what we have seen happen to other pallet kiln producers during the last decade:
- No support as producers are no longer in business.
- Very little support as producers have stopped servicing the Pallet Industry.
- None or negligible software development to maintain compatibility with new and updated Windows computers.

Kiln-Direct is committed to developing a sustainable support structure that will continue to serve our pallet kiln customers.

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